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Earlier this week we decided to take the kids fishing… if you can call it that.

Actually, we sacrificed hooks and softbait to the sea gods in exchange for a few bits of sea weed (which we respectfully and graciously returned). I think my first line got snagged about a minute after I cast it, a record only to be beaten by our third line which managed to get snagged after about 30 seconds.  It’s OK though; the worse I am at fishing, the more I can justify spending heaps of time by the sea to “practice”, right? After all… this is my year of self development.

In a stark contrast to his normal behaviour of late, littlest man managed to stay asleep throughout most of the time we were out.  Our big boy was completely uninterested in sitting still holding a non-fish-catching pole, and instead explored the rocks and shoreline, smashing big hunks of mud around and finding shells and crabs.  Once littlest man woke up, he had a great time trying to grab the fishing pole, watching the waves and laughing at his big brother jumping from rock to rock.  Although we didn’t really get any bites (and to be honest, our hopes and expectations weren’t too high before we even left the house), it was so calming to just get out, soak up the sunshine and vitamin D, take in the view and breathe in the ocean air.  There is something about being outside in nature that is so incredibly life-affirming.  I absolutely love seeing my boys experiencing and enjoying the outdoors; the world is a magical place and such an amazing setting for an adventurous childhood.

It was a very last minute and spontaneous decision to head out, something which I am trying to bring more of into our lives.  My partner has always been a very adventurous and active bloke, but once the kids came along it all got scaled back a bit. It looks like the boys have inherited his fun-loving, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants nature, and I want to encourage this while learning a bit of it myself, so we’re trying to balance it all in a family-friendly, don’t-let-scaredy-cat-mum-hold-us-back-and-make-us-all-boring kind of way.

I know, it can be hard, especially with kids, to just “get up and go” because of all the organisation we think we need to leave the house – but actually, in this case, all we needed was the nappy bag, a couple chairs and the fishing gear, so it really wasn’t as big of an ordeal as I would normally envision when I think “fishing trip with kids” or “beach with kids” or even “attempt to leave house with kids”.  I think this holds me back a lot, disregarding experiences before I’ve even gotten up off the couch because I’ve pre-decided it’ll be too stressful.  Once I push past that and actually get out of the house, I love it and can’t wait to do whatever it is again… until the next time, when I think “eh, effort, stress, is it really worth it…?”  It’s a bit like when I was younger and was adamant that I didn’t like sushi.  I’d never actually eaten sushi, mind you, but I Just Knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that sushi was completely gross.  Then mum made me try it, and I actually really liked it… until the next time I had to eat it and totally forgot that I liked it the last time and didn’t want it… then retried it and remembered that in fact I really like sushi… And so on.

Life can quite easily click into default mode, and we can forget to shake up the routine every now and then, even with something small like a quick trip to the beach.  This is something that doesn’t come naturally to me, so I’m trying to  consciously look for and be open to opportunities and ideas to add little adventures into our lives.

Hope you can find some tiny adventures in your life!
Until next time, glow mamas!
With love,

Bunny x

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