One of the great things about having a mum blog is that you can share things that make your life easier, in the hopes that they may be helpful other mamas out there.  My mama friend and fellow blogger Analesha at More Than Makeup asked if I wanted to do a little collaboration where we each shared five mum tips – so of course I jumped at the opportunity!

None of these are revolutionary or mind blowing, but quite often it’s the simple things that we forget to remember, if you know what I mean 😉 So here are five things that I find really helpful for getting me through my mum journey:

Write it all downWhether it’s on my phone or on the calendar, I try to write everything down.  Lists are your friend, mamas!  I know that makes me sound like I’m super organised, but I’m really, really not – this is why I need things written down!  I don’t know about you, but baby brain has hit me hard this time around, and I am constantly struggling to figure out what day it is, whether I’m supposed to be anywhere, when things are due, and all the other things that mums are supposed to know and be on top of.  Having things written down makes my life SO much easier; booking appointments and play dates is easier, organising school stuff for eldest little man is easier, and life in general is easier.  It also helps me to gauge if I’m over-committing to things or if I’m hermitting at home a bit too much.  Eldest little man now has  “Before School” and “After School” lists which he uses to get himself organized – saves me the brain power telling him what he needs to do each day and teaches him responsibility; win-win!

Wet wipes, wet wipes, wet wipes

Have these easily accessible to you everywhere. And always have a box on hand for nappy changes; never assume it’s just a number one.  Do you hear me, mamas?  The sneaky poo will get you the one time you don’t have wet wipes handy.  Don’t let the sneaky poo win!  Bonus tip: wet wipes are also good for quickly wiping down hands, faces, high chairs, baby clothing, mum clothing, snot, milk, food, furniture, bathroom hand basins, car upholstery, seat belts and pretty much anywhere else.

Baby wearing for the win!

Baby wearing is not for everyone but it’s been a complete life saver for me.  Littlest man has always preferred to be carried rather than go into a buggy, so the front pack has allowed me to do this either out and about or at home getting things done.  I’ve also found it much easier having him in the front pack at the shops because a) most shops are not terribly buggy friendly, b) pushing a buggy and a trolley at the same time is hard work and he hated the trolley seats until he could sit up by himself, and c) baby wearing hides the food/breastmilk/snot stains on my clothing that I didn’t manage to clean with wet wipes (see above).

Get (and use!) a reusable coffee cup

It’s no secret that I love my coffee. I know some mums manage to get through this whole parenting thing coffee-free but I am not one of those mums. I love coffee. I need coffee. Reusable coffee cups are great for many reasons; they keep your drink warm for longer (because I’m sure we all know the struggle of drinking your magic beverage while it is still hot), it’s harder to spill coffee everywhere when it’s contained in a lidded device (although still possible, in which case re-read the point about wet wipes) and if you get a non-see through one, you could totally have a sneaky daytime wine and no one would know (I joke… honest!).  

My favourite cup!  Cork & glass KeepCup from here 

Get a blue light filter app for your phone

In the early days (and sometimes for quite a while after) a lot of late night “feed-and-Facebooking” happens, because when you’re awake feeding a baby for an hour and a half at 2.30am you need something to keep you sane.  A blue light filter will make it a bit easier on your eyes and (hopefully) help you get back to sleep a bit quicker afterwards – and also makes it less likely the light will wake your partner up while they’re next to you snoring away blissfully.  Unless you want them to wake up and help you. Actually… does snoring count as white noise?  Hmmm…

Thanks for reading!  Head on over to More Than Makeup and check out Analesha’s five mum hacks here.  *Spoiler Alert* They’re awesome!

I’d love to hear your favourite mum tips – head on over to my Facebook page and let me know!

With love,

Bunny x

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