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Discover: Wellington Museum & Frank Kitts Playground

Hey mamas!

In our weekends we love to get out as a family and head to different places for a change of scenery and to hopefully create some awesome experiences and memories for the kids – as I’m sure you guys do too! I love discovering new places, and am constantly amazed at all the hidden gems around our city (and country) – sometimes they’re places everyone else seems to know about except me, other times they really are well hidden!  Anyway, I thought it’d be cool to do little write ups of the places we go to hopefully promote them a bit and share our finds with you – you never know, we might find your new favourite place!

Last weekend we visited the very cool Wellington Museum (formerly known as the Museum of City & Sea), which is located on Queens Wharf (3 Jervois Quay).  It’s more low-key than Te Papa and hosts wonderful displays of Wellington history.  Our Eldest Little Man was right into it, which is always a sign of a well curated museum, and Littlest Man enjoyed yelling at the top of his lungs on each floor – sorry if you were there that day, that adorable but noisy kid belonged to us.  We were holding an impromptu demonstration of the decibel level capacity of a one year old’s voice box.  You know, science. Everyone loves science!

There’s a lot more than you’d think inside – I won’t give it all away here, but I will say it’s not just all ships & nautical memorabilia in there.  And that there may or may not be a taxidermy lion in the attic…. Or two.

The museum is open every day 10am-5pm and is free entry (which is always awesome… Who doesn’t love free entry to cool places??!!).  There’s a lift if you can’t make it up all the stairs, and plenty of places to sit along the way.  It’s well worth a visit, kids from about 3 years up would enjoy the displays I would say.  Just make sure you fuel up your bodies before hand because it’s a food & drink free zone inside ✌

We got a bit distracted on the way back to the car and the wind managed to blow us straight into the playground.  I’m pretty sure anyone who grew up in Wellington will have some vague memory or recognition of Frank Kitts park.

Situated on the peripheral of the city with harbour views, it’s small but iconic, and always worth a quick visit if you’re in the area.

Littlest Man had a blast walking his father around the area, and the slightly hilly ground gave him a good challenge.  Eldest Little Man went down the big slide a couple of times, but was more impressed with the awesomely climbable trees (which he could scale in 40 seconds, in case you were wondering, which I know because I was titled the time keeper).

So of course, his brother wanted to follow suit…

There are three slides of varying sizes from memory, from the “beginner” slide to the mac-daddy-mum-wouldn’t-go-down-in-case-she-got-stuck slide.  All were too big for Littlest Man to go down unassisted as a novice slider, but he had fun on them anyway.

We then stopped at the little food truck for some hot chips, and eventually made our way back to the car.  Phew!

All in all, Frank Kitts is a cool little area.  There’s plenty of grass to run around or picnic on, which is pretty fantastic to find so close to the CBD.  The playground itself is basic (other than the lighthouse tower with the big slide, which is pretty cool I think… Not that I’m an expert in what’s “cool” these days) but has the essentials; swings, slides, etc.  Parking isn’t great, but nowhere in the city is – but it’s not too far from the train station if you wanted to make it a bit of an adventure.

Final thoughts? Awesome spot for a fun afternoon.  Anything that manages to keep a 10 year old and a 1 year old simultaneously happy is a winner in my book.

Until next time, mamas!

With love,

Bunny xx

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