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Why I Blog

Hello from the other side!

I’m sorry it’s been a while lovelies. I’m not actually why I stopped writing proper posts – I just sort of got caught up in life. I struggled a bit mentally towards the end of last year, so thought I’d take a break over the festive season to spend time with my family and just regroup but then never really picked the ball back up.

Writing is like any art or exercise – it’s easier to do if it’s a habit, if it’s done regularly. You need to be in the right head space, and I started getting blank page syndrome – then started doubting whether I can actually write at all and so what’s the point in trying. You know – all that classic Inner-Cow Bunny stuff. I haven’t completely kicked her out yet, but I have removed her TV privileges, so she’s generally better behaved these days.

Anyway, lately I’ve had a few small victories in life, and I’m all about taking the wins and rolling with them, so figured it was about time to bite the bullet and just geddit donnnne.

Interestingly enough, I also happened to have a very well timed conversation with someone at one of my recent antenatal talks about why I openly and publicly discuss my PND and anxiety, and that of course got me thinking about why I started blogging in the first place. I didn’t start to make money (which is good, because that would’ve been a bitter disappointment if I had!). I didn’t start talking about the rough stuff for attention (bitter disappointment to be had there too), or to have a pity party (although if anyone wants to bring party food like chips and dip and those little sausage roll things then I am totally game for a pity party). I never intended for GlowMama to become a “PND mum” blog, it sort of just naturally evolved through the process of reflecting on myself and writing about it. I still don’t consider it a “PND mum” blog, even though I talk about it a lot. I consider it a “mum who does lots of cool stuff and drinks lots of coffee and loves to have a laugh and has rad kids and a wicked fiancé and loves the beach and also happens to have PND and anxiety and normally you wouldn’t be able to tell but she tries to be super honest and open about it” blog.

You see, the reason I started blogging was to have a project and a creative outlet while I’m a stay at home mum – plus it sounds better saying “I’m a blogger” rather than “I like writing down the things I do and the stuff I think about”. And the reason I talk openly about my pnd is because a) I think we all need to talk more openly about it because it increases awareness and b) I don’t want people who are going through the same things as me (and there are a lot of you out there!) to ever feel alone. I definitely don’t want to feel alone in this either. Thankfully, blogging has given me a wonderful sense of community and villagery – so thank you!

So there ya go, I’m back in black and ready to rock all night and party every day again, and by rock I mean sleep and by party I mean drink coffee and chase around tiny humans who don’t like having to wear clothes.

I also have another project idea in the works (Ooh! Mysterious!) so stay tuned!

Keep rockin’ gorgeous people!

Bunny x

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