Super Easy Fine Motor Skills Activity For Toddlers

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You know how sometimes you just need something quick, easy, and safe to entertain your toddler while you eat/drink your coffee/rush around tidying/have five minutes to hold on to your sanity? Well, I definitely know how that goes! Today, however, I stumbled across a wee gem in the toddler-entertainment field.

Fine motor skills activity

Like all good projects, this activity only uses three items you’ll likely find lying around your house! Winning!Fine motor skills activity

What you’ll need:

  • Cotton balls
  • Tongs (I gave Hunter two different sizes)
  • Muffin tray

…and a toddler! 😉Fine motor skills activity

All you do is show your wee cherub how to use the tongs, and pop a couple cotton balls into the muffin tray – then hand the tongs over, and let your little one practice picking the balls up and transporting them to the tray.

Sounds incredibly simple (and it is!) but Hunter had a great time with it… And actually stayed still long enough for me to drink my coffee (this is how I measure success by the way). Hunter really enjoys transporting (eg. tipping items or pouring water from one container to another) so it’s no surprise he enjoyed this.

Fine motor skills activity

This activity is great for fine motor skills; it’s an extension of their pincer grip (pinching their first finger and thumb together to pick up small objects). You could also extend the learning by using big pom poms and helping them sort into different colours, counting how many cotton balls you transport, or for older kids, using chop sticks.Fine motor skills activity

Learning activities don’t always have to be complicated or beautifully set up. Often the activities I spend the most time setting up he spends the least amount of time doing!

What are your quick go-to activities?

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