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Hey you, sweet thang!

So although I don’t consider myself an “influencer” by any means, from time to time I’m lucky enough to receive products to review/share with my readers and followers if I like them.

the scrub collab


The Scrub Collab recently sent me a few of their products to try out – I already had a pack of their bath salts, so naturally I was really excited! I love that their stuff as all free from nasties, and without the massive price tag that usually follows with great chemical-free products!

bath body products

The Lip Balm

The lip balm is gorgeous – and I was desperately in need of some as well because winter has wreaked havoc on my skin and lips, so their mind reading (sorry, I meant timing) is fantastic. It isn’t too hard like other lip balms I’ve tried in the past, and glided on beautifully. I also liked that it didn’t leave a heavy residue on my lips. It just made them feel soft and supple (even though I hate the word supple…).

lip balm

This went straight into my purse, and let’s say I’m lucky I took photos straight away, because it’s not in the same pristine condition now as it was when it arrived! Now it’s… well loved 😉

The Bath Salts

Future Hubby and I also tried the bath salts. Our bath tub is currently sitting on the back porch because #renovations so we filled up a giant plastic tub with hot water and had a DIY couple’s foot spa instead.

bath salts - the scrub collab

bath salts

I already had the grapefruit scent, so when they *scent* (pun alert!) through the mint, I was so happy! I don’t mean to give you unrealistic expectations of them, but their mind-reading was now 2 for 2 😉

The mint is a beautiful, strong, refreshing scent – you feel like it’s doing good, and it’s extremely invigorating. The grapefruit on the other hand is lovely and fruity – both leave you smelling delicious!

For post-gym sore muscle relaxation, I’d personally lean towards the mint, and for a bit of self care and indulgence (very important), the grapefruit would definitely be my pick.

The Sugar Scrub

Ahhh, the sugar scrub. Neither my partner or I could put our fingers (or noses) on what this scent was. Partner said “it’s yum scent”, which sounded about right to me. After looking on their website, I’m guessing it’s the Grapefruit & Coconut, which might just be my new favourite combination ever.

Seriously. It’s addictive.

the scrub collab

So, this sugar scrub is now my favourite thing ever. I know how to make sugar scrub myself, but there’s no way I’d be able to get that aroma *just right* the way they do. It’s absolutely divine. It left my skin feeling smooth and soft – and not to give you too much information, but my partner brushed up against my shoulder in bed (reow!), and didn’t realise it was my skin… he thought it was our super-soft microfibre sheets!

The only thing I found a touch tricky with the sugar scrub was trying to apply it to my face over the basin – it didn’t really want to stick, however in the shower I was easily able to scrub my whole body with no issues, so that was most likely user error (i.e. I was just being a bit unco – a common occurrence).

bath salts - the scrub collab

the scrub collab

While all three were fantastic products, the sugar scrub was definitely my favourite. That scent!!!

Have you tried anything from The Scrub Collab? What’d you think? Let me know belowwww.

With love,


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