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Parenting Vision Boards – Why You Need One!

Welcome! I hope you’re well, and I’m so glad you’ve found yourself here today. Let’s talk about Parenting Vision Boards; whether you’re a vision board master or are sitting there thinking, “what the heck is a vision board?!” I’ll walk you through how to use one for your parenting journey and show you just how valuable they can be!

Vision Board 101

Vision boards are boards that you create to display your greatest hopes, intentions, goals & dreams – i.e. your “vision” for your life. They encompass all that you want to manifest and achieve. They can be used for specific goals (health & fitness, travel goals, weddings, business), time frames (a month, a school term, a year), or be life-general.

It’s completely up to you how you create your vision board – some people like to collage photos and magazine pictures, others simply write phrases and words. Make it however you like – but try to make it visually appealing to yourself, so that you’re drawn to look at it. Display it somewhere you’ll see it often – and every time you look at it, mentally strengthen your desire to achieve your goals.

Why They Work

You may have heard of the Law Of Attraction – I won’t explain it in too much depth here, but it’s very basically the concept that you have the power to draw life experiences towards yourself based on your thoughts, feelings & motivations. Now, whether you believe that or not, vision boards are still incredibly valuable. Science has proven what’s called confirmation bias, meaning that when people have an idea about something, they subconsciously seek “signs” in the environment around them to confirm their thoughts. So, it’s reasonably logical then, that if we surround ourselves with a) what we want and b) reminders that we are deserving and capable of getting what we want, then our mindset will shift towards thought patterns that align with making our desires happen. The trickle down effect of this is then that we begin subconsciously acting in ways that help us work towards these goals.

Card from The Daily Goalgetter

What this looks like in real life

Say you want a new job doing something completely different to what you’re currently doing. You have no experience, no qualifications, just a burning passion and desire for this new career choice. You know you’d be good at it, and you know it would make you happy.

So you create a vision board. You write down how having this job would make you feel. You stick in images related to this job that make you smile. You glue in photos of yourself beaming with happiness. You write down confirmation of how capable you’d be in this job, how much you’d kick butt at it.

You stick this up by your back door, so that you see it every time you leave the house. You see your dream, every time you head out, and affirm in your mind that soon this will happen for you, because you are capable, and you are worthy.

Seeing this every day slowly changes the way you think. You start believing in yourself. You realise, it’s true. You are capable. You are worthy. Action follows thought, and you begin interacting with people differently. You start subconsciously seeing signs that confirm your realisation of just how achievable this dream is. You begin taking action towards setting yourself up to make a career change, because all of a sudden, it’s not a dream, it’s a goal.

Ok, so how does this work for parenting?

The concept is basically the same. Don’t worry, I won’t tell you to create a vision board full of better behaved children! I’m sure most parents have an idea of the type of parent they want to be, and the type of childhood they want their kids to have.

For example, as a parent I want to be:

  • Loving
  • Kind
  • Consistent(ish)
  • Fair
  • Fun
  • Helpful
  • Empowering

And I want my children’s childhood to be:

  • Affirming
  • Confidence building
  • Adventurous
  • Fun
  • Educational
  • Silly
  • Testing
  • Connecting
  • Humourous
  • Memorable

So for my parenting vision board, I wanted to fill it with words, phrases & images that represent and communicate all of those things. I was recently sent some incredibly beautiful vision board affirmation quote stickers from The Daily Goalgetter which were perfect for this project!

How I made my vision board

Supplies I used:

  • Vision board quote stickers from The Daily Goalgetter
  • The cardboard from the back of one of Hunter’s drawing pads (recycling is always in fashion)
  • Scissors
  • Gluestick
  • Washi tape
  • Various stickers & scrapbooking supplies I had lying around (*cough* because I’m a hoarder)

I started by gluing and taping some coloured paper on to my board as the background. Then, because I struggle to commit to my placement decisions, I laid everything out roughly where I wanted it to go first, then went and glued stuff down. This method worked well, because it meant I could move stuff around to make it fit better.

I considered the points I’d listed above about how I want my parenting/our family life to look and feel, and chose words or pictures that fit in with that vision. The quote stickers were hands down my favourite part. They instantly made my board look more inviting, and because they’re stickers I didn’t have to muck around with the dreaded glue stick – winning!

Progress… Had to move from my bed to the lounge because Hunter fell asleep in there!

The finished product:

Why this is important

Like any job, it’s important to have a plan – to have a goal of where you want to go with it. Having a plan means having direction. It also means that when unexpected things pop up (as they always do in parenting!), you are more prepared to deal with them pro actively, rather than reactively.

I’ll be displaying my board somewhere where we all see it regularly, so that we’re all constantly getting the message that this is what we want our family life to look like. Doing this will help shape our internal thought patterns and actions towards making this reality. It will also help me check in regularly, and really think about how things are going.

Have you got a vision board? What’s on yours?

Until next time!

With love,

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