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    How To Find Your Inner Strength

    I was lying awake in bed the other night with a phrase stuck in my head: “It’s no coincidence the words ‘struggle’ and ‘strength’ have the same beginning but completely different endings” – so I thought we should explore that further. It’s easy to look at “strong” people and think “wow, I wish I had it easy like them” or “I wish I had their confidence” or “they’re so brave, I could never be like that”. But actually, strong people have struggles, they have insecurities, they have anxiety. We only see other people’s outer selves. I remember once when I wasn’t in a good headspace someone said to me “I…

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    Personal Growth

    WHO AM I?

    Who am I? I’m Bunny, mum of two boys. This is how I introduce myself 99% of the time. This is how I define my identity to others. “I’m a mum”.  And yes, I am, and yes, my kids are two of the most important people in my life, but if I put the whole “mum” part of me aside for a minute… Who the hell am I?  I think as mamas, we often tend to lose a bit of identities or sense of selves. We get so wrapped up under the “mum” title that we forget that we are also individual, unique, strong, powerful women.   Well mamas, I…