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Putting yourself out there is scary.

OK, actually it’s absolutely terrifying.  If you’re anything like me, there have probably been several occasions over the course of your life where fear has held you back, or at the very least, planted little seeds of self doubt and second guessing in your mind.  Fear of the unknown, fear or rejection, fear of failure – it’s so easy to let these things take over, and it’s easy to remain plateaued in life because it’s comfortable and familiar.  But as they say, amazing things aren’t always easy so sometimes you have to put on your big kid shoes, hold onto your knickers and start doing.

I tend to procrastinate doing things because as a perfectionist I want to get things right straight away and I constantly worry that once I start, it won’t be perfect and well, then what do I do?  And *gasp* people might think less of me for not getting it perfect… better to just not do it, then it’ll either go away or I’ll suddenly and magically be “ready” and then it’ll all be smooth sailing and butterflies and rainbows all round, right? RIGHT??!!

Haha, because sticking your head in the sand is always a great plan.

I’ve constantly told my son over the years to Be Brave, whilst managing to – in an alarming state of hypocrisy – keep myself well within my little carefully measured bubble of comfort.  Day in and day out I was, for the most part, simply going through the process of adulting and living a life.  I don’t want to give off the wrong impression here – I wasn’t unhappy, and things as a whole were pretty good. I’ve been very blessed and fortunate in my life, so definitely not complaining!  But it was very… automatic.  Because change is scary. New things are scary!  Then eventually -and I really can’t pinpoint the moment – something clicked and I realised I needed to be the change I wanted to see in my life.  I decided to Be Brave and grab life by the balls.  I didn’t suddenly make a whole heap of huge changes – after all, I had my son to think of too… no spontaneous trips to a yoga retreat in Bali for me!  Instead I began trying to be more mindful (it’s all the rage right now, ya know) of what I wasn’t experiencing in life due to fear or uncertainty.  I also became more mindful of being a good role model for my son – I wanted him to think of me as a brave and adventurous person, so that hopefully he would find joy in being brave and adventurous too.

It wasn’t until recently, after consciously making changes about how I’m living my life and raising my children that I realise a huge shift has occurred. I suddenly realised that I am wholly and honestly, blissfully and undeniably, batshit crazily, fiercely and wonderfully, Disney-level happy with life and like never before, I am ridiculously excited about the future. Nothing in particular about the future either, just life in general. Seriously, how awesome is that? I feel awakened to a whole new state of being and it is addictive.

So now that I know how liberating and fulfilling it is to do things even – especially – when they’re scary, I’ve challenged myself to continue on this path, which has now lead me here.

I’ve umm’ed and ahh’ed and talked about starting a blog for ages but never “got around to” starting one up, but if I’m being really honest, I was held back because of fear. What if people think it’s absolute shit? What if no one reads it? I expressed these concerns to my partner (I.e. Best Man In The Universe) and, bless him, after assuring me it won’t be absolute shit, said “and so what if people think that?”. God, if only it were that easy.  

But, despite all that, here I am.  After making my best friend promise to follow me once I got this started up, I’m finally Being Brave.  And you know what? My mum might even follow me too.

Has fear ever held you back? What would you – or will you – challenge yourself to change/accomplish/start in your life that you’ve previously been too afraid to do?  Leave a comment below 👇👇


Until next time, glow mamas.

With love,

Bunny x


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