The lovely Analesha over at More Than Makeup tagged me to do the #mumlife raw post from the blog From Bump To Baby – so what a great opportunity to give you all a little sneak peek into my #mumlife!
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My #mumlife

Describe your day as a mum today in one word. 

Busy… which is how 90% of mums of young kids would describe their days I’m pretty sure!

What’s the most challenging part about connecting with other mums?

Finding time when you’re both free between your babies’ sleeps/playgroups/appointments/school or kindy pick ups and drop offs/no-energy-to-leave-the-house days… the list goes on! I once had a play date/coffee date with a friend rescheduled five times before we actually managed to meet up!

Share one horrible poop moment – we’ve all been there!

Hahaha… Ain’t that the truth!! Littlest man went through a stage of pooping through his nappy and clothes at least once a day for about six weeks… Not awesome.  At all.  The worst one happened right as we were parked outside eldest little man’s school for school pick up and littlest man managed to cause a full blown poonami all through his clothes and carseat.  It was raining outside and I had to change him in the back seat… then realised I only had one wet wipe left, and only one clean singlet to change him in to – no top or pants!  Luckily I had a clean nappy… in hind sight, I should’ve just stuck him out in the rain to rinse him down ☔ 

How do you cope with public meltdowns and tantrums?

Luckily littlest man hasn’t got to that stage yet so I haven’t had to deal with one in a long time, but when eldest little man was younger we used to take “the naughty spot” with us everywhere we went (luckily the naughty spot was invisible so I didn’t have to worry about it coordinating with my outfit).  He threw a tantrum in the mall once so I put him on the “naughty spot” outside the shop for two minutes and let him go for it while I pretended to ignore him (and the few people staring) then I had a chat with him about how throwing a tantrum won’t get him what he wants, got him to take a couple deep breaths, then we had a cuddle and made up – and the rest of the shopping trip was tantrum free!

Honestly how much screen time does your child have?

Eldest little man has some screen time most days – either Netflix or Xbox or we watch a movie as a family – but he needs to have his jobs and homework done first.  Littlest man gets some baby sensory videos or nursery rhymes on YouTube every now and then when I need to distract him.

What’s your go to easy dinner that you have at least once a week? 

Mince… either nachos or bolognese.  Cheap, fast, easy and delicious!

Did you yell, cry or struggle today?

I’m not much of a yeller but I cry a lot – more than I let on! And struggle at some point most days (you can read about how I cope with my Shit Days here) but I’m working on it 🙂

What was the best moment of your day so far?

My partner and I were sitting in front of the fire with littlest man and he was crawling around happily and giggling away at us and his toys (littlest man, not partner) and it was just really nice to sit and watched him explore.

And I also went to Kmart, which was pretty high on the list too 😉

What is your secret guilty pleasure to reward your mumlife?

I have no secrets about my guilty pleasures! Chocolate and wine… and Facebook 😂

How often do you experience mum guilt?
Lots… in fact, I’ve written a whole blog post about it here.

Share one taboo thing about motherhoood you think should be talked about more.

Sleep… or postnatal depression or anxiety.  Is that cheating to share two things?  Sorry! Sleep is hard because lots of people feel like babies should be sleeping through, and on their own very early on, and this puts a lot of unnecessary and unrealistic pressure on mums.  PND and PNA is another tricky one, because when mums (or dads) suffer from it they often feel like they’re a failure or alone, when actually, they are neither –  and once you start talking about it, it’s amazing how many other women are experiencing exactly the same thing and you’d never know!  No one should ever have to struggle in silence, so if you’re struggling, please reach out and get some support x

Thanks for reading, glow mamas!

Until next time,

Bunny x

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