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How to survive when sleep is a vague and distant memory

You know those days where you’re so tired your eyelids feel like they’ve been lined with lead paint? The days where you’ve been up all night with your little darling and so functioning like a grown and valuable member of society seems to become a bit of a pipe dream? The days where you pour the milk straight into the sink instead of your coffee cup and try to open doors without turning the handles first? Those days?

We all have them, even those mamas with amazing babies who sleep all night (I know you’re out there!!). Those days can be real struggles, and getting through the day can seem impossible – but there are definitely things we can do to make the day a little bit less… shit.

Kids learn by watching us… I usually drink my coffee the right way around, I promise!

Since my Littlest Man prefers to sleep nestled in between Future Hubby and I and somehow manages to take up more room than the two of us combined, we’re both pretty used to broken sleep. One of my closest friends has a baby who also loves her parents so much she can’t bear to go a couple hours without demanding their presence, and so she’s no stranger to burning the midnight oil either. And as much as I’m sure we’d all love to spend the day catching up on our lost sleep, life does go on, and so we all have to just keep going. I figure there’s probably a fair few of you out there who hear my struggles (hollah!!) and so I’ve compiled a list of practical things we can do to make those days a bit more survivable.

Caffeination appreciation
Ah, coffee. The original magic beans of awesomeness. Not to be saved for just the struggle days, mind, it is instead a daily essential – at least in our house it is. I reckon days where you’re setting up residence in struggle street are days where you’re legitimately allowed to treat yourself to a proper barista coffee – those days it’d almost be a crime not to!

Drink bottle from Kmart, $3. Winning!

Drink lots of water

OK, all joking aside about coffee (one of my great loves… in case you couldn’t tell) water is actually way more important (and surprisingly effective). And actually, you should add an extra glass of water to your daily intake for every cup of coffee you drink to avoid dehydration. I always find I drink way more water if I have it readibly available in a drink bottle, so use this as an excuse to grab a cute one (or two) and keep ’em filled – you could even add a couple slices of lemon and some mint leaves if you’re feeling fancy. If you pick up a plastic one, remember to go BPA free 🙂

Get some fresh air
Getting outside and breathing in the fresh air is always good for a bit of an energy boost. Go for a short walk if you can, and get your blood pumping. I know it seems like the last thing you want to do when you’re so tired that it’s hard to tie your own shoe laces, but once you’re out I bet you’ll feel tons better. If you only mentally commit to a short, easy walk you’re more likely to actually get out the door… And you can always keep going once you’re out 😉

Girl, put that record on
…or the radio, or Spotify, or MTV music, or whatever your jam is. Play some upbeat music (not The Wiggles… unless you really want to!) and have a little boogie while you’re at it. I’ve been known to shimmy around the kitchen while I’m putting the dishes away, and it definitely leaves me more energized (and probably entertains the neighbours). Plus, dancing totally counts as exercise, and we all benefit from regular exercise! Music is such a wonderful mood-changing tool, and so is good for providing a bit of a boost during those low mental health days as well. Maybe don’t do the dancing bit if you’re at work though. Or maybe do, depending on where you work – I totally used to dance like a complete goofball around the cafe where I worked. Dinner and a show… That’s value for money!

These are the t-shirts we got made for Father’s Day one year… All our Eldest Little Man’s idea!

Get dressed
I’ve talked about this before in my Some Days Just Suck post, but getting dressed is always a good way to mentally tell yourself it’s time to start the day. This one is especially important if you’re a working parent 😉

Phone a friend
Or better yet, go and see them. Getting out of the house always helps jump start yourself a bit. It’ll be good for your little sprog to have a change of scenery too, and will hopefully keep them entertained for a bit so you can have a bit of personal space.

Positive affirmations
It’s easy to let yourself get into a negative mental slump when you’re tired – trust me, I’m really good at it! Unfortunately if you decide right from the get go that it’s going to be a shitty day then it will be, because you’ll spend the day constantly looking for confirmation that the day is, in fact, shit. So to avoid this, consciously repeating positive affirmations to yourself is really effective. Tell yourself “today is going to be a good day” over and over until you believe it – honestly, it can make a world of difference.

This little guy definitely isn’t a morning person either! Sorry kid, you got that from me.

We can’t stop rubbish days from happening altogether, but we can consciously choose to change them around should they decide to show up on our doorstep. And I know these days can be hard, but remember – this too shall pass, and you’re doing an amazing job.

So those are a few of the things I’ve found help me get through after a rough night. How about you? Is there anything you’d add to this list? Let me know below or on the Facebook page ❤
Until next time, mamas!
With love,

Bunny x

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