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Easy Habits That Will Make Your Mornings Awesome

“Eat your breakfast!”
“Go and brush your teeth!”
“OH MY GOD why are you not wearing underwear??”
“Where on earth did I put my keys/coffee/brain???”

Does that sound familiar? Is it complete carnage trying to get everyone out the door (on time…ish) with full outfits and full bellies?

make mornings easier

I’ve found it chaotic enough with two kids, one of whom is reasonably self-sufficient. I can only imagine the chaos that must occur in other homes! However, by adopting a few easy habits, we’ve managed to improve our mornings – and you can too.

Easy habits = smoother mornings

cup of coffee on yellow background

I’m pleased to report, it’s much less hectic in our house these days. With a wee bit of planning, everything runs far more efficiently now – so I thought I’d share our changes with you!

Don’t snooze the alarm

make mornings easier with kids“Ohhhhhh,” I hear you saying, “but that early snuggle is the only peace I get all day!”I know, sister, but actually it just makes you way more tired, which makes the rest of the morning a bit of a drag. Plus it often means you end up sleeping in too late! I feel a bit bad naming this as an “easy” habit – because honestly, I know; getting out of bed is often the hardest part of the day. But I believe in you! You can do it!!Find something to bribe yourself out of bed with, and get up. For example, I tell myself the longer I sleep in, the less coffee drinking time I get. The threat of missing out on coffee is definitely motivating.

Pre-pack lunches

make mornings easier with kids

The days we forget to organise lunchboxes the night before are stressful days. Those are the days we end up leaving five minutes late, which *somehow* leads to ending up fifteen minutes late at school. I don’t know how the lateness snowball effect works, but it happens EVERY. TIME. The lateness grows exponentially while we’re en route.

Have the lunches packed. Avoid lateness snowballs.

Have a visual to-do list

Once we created a checklist for Ashton of things he needs to do each morning, my life instantly became so much easier. It fosters autonomy and responsibility, helps to keep him on track, and means I don’t have to think when he comes up and says “what do I need to do?”. Let’s be honest, the less thinking I have to do in the mornings, the better. For everyone. If your child isn’t reading yet, use pictures and prompts instead.

Turn your wifi off on your phone

make mornings easier with kids

Surely I can’t be the only one who wastes a bunch of time checking all those Facebook and email notifications? I don’t like turning my phone off completely in case someone needs to get hold of me (which hasn’t happened yet, but I swear the one day my phone is off there will be some kind of emergency), so turning my wifi and data off means all that extra (irresistible) *stuff* doesn’t distract me. You know, when I actually turn it off. Again, an “easy habit” that perhaps isn’t that easy. Did you say ‘addicted’? Sorry, must have been hearing things… anyway…

Lower your expectations and triage

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For the littler ones, we just have to accept that sometimes not everything will be done before we leave the house. It just doesn’t happen some days. So we need to prioritise things that need to be done at home (us wearing clothes of some description, teeth being brushed) and adapt new ways for things that can be done in the car (washing food and toothpaste off their faces with a wet wipe, tying up shoelaces). Sometimes if I know the morning is going to be a rush, I’ll chuck my breakfast or coffee into a takeaway container or cup and have it in the car – at least then I’m having it!

Even though our mornings run a lot better than they used to, I’m obviously always open to suggestions on how to make them better – so if you have any brilliant insight, let me know!

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