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    How To Find Your Inner Strength

    I was lying awake in bed the other night with a phrase stuck in my head: “It’s no coincidence the words ‘struggle’ and ‘strength’ have the same beginning but completely different endings” – so I thought we should explore that further. It’s easy to look at “strong” people and think “wow, I wish I had it easy like them” or “I wish I had their confidence” or “they’re so brave, I could never be like that”. But actually, strong people have struggles, they have insecurities, they have anxiety. We only see other people’s outer selves. I remember once when I wasn’t in a good headspace someone said to me “I…

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    Why I Blog

    Hello from the other side! I’m sorry it’s been a while lovelies. I’m not actually why I stopped writing proper posts – I just sort of got caught up in life. I struggled a bit mentally towards the end of last year, so thought I’d take a break over the festive season to spend time with my family and just regroup but then never really picked the ball back up. Writing is like any art or exercise – it’s easier to do if it’s a habit, if it’s done regularly. You need to be in the right head space, and I started getting blank page syndrome – then started doubting…

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    Questions To Ask Yourself If You’re Having a Bad Day

    Some days, I love being a mama. Ashton uses his manners without being asked, brings me cups of coffee (or wine on really good days) and is kind and helpful with his younger brother. Hunter is delightful and happy, and content playing independently for a while in between feeds, sleeps and cuddles. Those days rock! Those days I feel like I’m absolutely radiating love and warmth, I feel like a total zen mama, calm and peaceful, and I think god… This parenting gig is such an incredible part of life, I’m so lucky! Those are also the days I say to my partner… let’s have one more. Or maybe two.…